Follow the Leader

Today is election day in America.  I am not aware of any results, as I am writing this at 6:00AM, the day of. But what I am aware of, is that the election process in our country, which was designed to evaluate and select the best candidate for the job, is no longer the case.  Instead, most of us don’t take the time to even consider candidates based on their merits or campaign promises, and just vote along straight party lines.

Why do we do this?  We behave in this manner because we are simply following the examples set by our elected officials.  Both political parties give lip service to the need for bi-partisan action in congress and reaching across the aisle. But that’s just it – lip service and no action. The leadership in both parties is so powerful that anyone straying from the official narrative runs the risk of being ostracized by that leadership and cast into a virtual Siberia should they commit the sin of independent thought.

So why bother with analyzing candidates and issues and voting based on the person or the issue?  Once elected, the candidates will just step in line and vote according to the mandates set down by the party bosses anyway.

The 2022 midterm elections are on a pace to spend in excess of $17 Billion to infiltrate our consciousness with their carefully crafted propaganda and lies. The only thing propagated by the vicious and expensive attacks in campaign ads is to further divide an already divided country. The two party system is supposed to foster healthy debate within a democracy. It’s not working.