wj at desk (c)This blog is a compilation of personal Rants, Raves, and Reflections covering an eclectic range of subject matter spanning nearly 20 years of random thoughts and insights. Some posts are reprints from earlier articles that were published in various periodicals which include The Desert Sun (Palm Springs, California) and Seeking Alpha (Investment website). After over 40 years in the Produce industry, I finally retired at the end of 2017. During my career I held upper level management positions with Castle & Cooke Foods (now Dole Food Company), Grimmway Farms (Baby Carrots), Del Monte Fresh Produce, and Green Giant Fresh. Sandwiched somewhere in the middle of this long career was a six year stint at running my own business, along with my very talented wife, as a produce and dairy distributor in Palm Springs, California.  On my Blog title page, I have included a link to my personal website, http://www.wjexchange.net. On this site I have catalogued lists of personal writings, books, and examples of what I view as sensible companies worthy of investment consideration. -wj

One thought on “About

  1. I read the whole commentary, and you are right! Things are at a all time low, or high if talking inflation.
    Our government is the shadiest ever. Our President doesn’t know where he is most of the time, and cannot give a decent speech w/o screwing up mid thought.
    We who care about America are going to have to speak louder about our rights, and uphold our constitutional rights.
    No more mandates!! More freedom as we know it.
    Wake up America!!! Please!


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