Although much has been written, broadcast, and said about this issue, I simply cannot resist the urge to pile on. Coca Cola, Delta Airlines, and Major League baseball also recently weighed in with protests. What is the issue? The state of Georgia’s recently revised regulations to minimize the potential for voter fraud by requiring all voters to present some sort of valid I.D. when casting their vote. How dare they?

Lets see… We need to present an I.D. when purchasing liquor or cigarettes, open a bank account, rent a car, board an airplane, check in to a hotel, file for unemployment, and buy prescription drugs, just to name a few activities. But that most sacrosanct act of all afforded to our citizens, the right to vote, apparently is not important enough to verify the identity of someone casting a ballot. In fact, Joe Biden himself, called this new rule “sick.”.

What is “sick” is allowing this process to continue without validating one’s true identity. The potential for voter fraud is virtually limitless. Can you imagine the black market that will be created for unmarked ballots for those willing to sell them for a few bucks to unscrupulous ballot harvesters.

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