December 3, 2020:

Well, great news on the Covid-19 vaccine front from Pfizer and Moderna. Now we are waiting for approval from the FDA to begin distribution. The Warp Speed program initiated under the Trump administration calls for the logistics of this distribution to be overseen by the U.S. military. I see no issue with that decision except for the final leg of distribution will be managed by state and local authorities. Therein lies the problem that I hope to be overestimating.

While other countries seem to be able to initiate national policies on critical issues and have proven somewhat adept at execution, the United States of America always struggles with this. With good intentions, our forefathers in writing our constitution, gave widespread rights to the states to implement certain key directives. Unless you have lived under a rock recently, you should notice that each state tends to interpret courses of action in line with their politics. These same inconsistencies then filter on down to the county and city level.

The result is hundreds and thousands of officials, some elected and some not, all weighing in on what they think is best for all of us, thus creating a quagmire of bureaucratic muck. This is diversity in action, a condition that is unique to our country and never anticipated by our founding fathers.

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