Update on Covid-19 Vaccinations

Back in early December of 2020, I expressed doubt about local states, counties and cities abilities to effectively manage Covid-19 vaccinations. That post can be viewed here. Below is an excerpt from a recent Wall Street Journal article on this effort:

The Trump administration invested heavily in rapid vaccine development, but it left the last mile of getting shots into arms to states and localities. That approach resulted in multiple, sometimes contradictory systems, and failed to ensure local sites had information about vaccine shipments that they needed to quickly administer shots.

The result: More than 16 million of the 72.4 million vaccine doses distributed by the U.S. government hadn’t been used as of Wednesday, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Yet across the country, Americans young and old are constantly refreshing their browsers and calling public-health officials as they try to nab scarce appointments, with many confused about where and when doses will be available. Some sites have had to cancel appointments when promised doses don’t arrive or when weather like recent winter storms shutter vaccination events unexpectedly. Los Angeles temporarily closed Dodger Stadium, one of the largest vaccine sites in the country, and other inoculation events last week when it ran out of supply. Meanwhile, some people find sites have extra doses they are giving away to lucky bystanders—one man was offered a dose from a store’s pharmacy while out grocery shopping.